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Floor Cleaning from Collegeville, Pennsylvania

DeMedio's Building Maintenance, Inc., located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, provides a wide variety of carpet and hard floor care services for commercial clients. From steam cleaning and buffing to stripping and waxing, our cleaning company has the floor services your building needs.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Hot water extraction is one of the most popular methods of carpet care and is recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers. In this process, we pretreat the carpet with chemicals designed to help break down and loosen soils.
We then use a machine to agitate the carpet and inject high-pressure hot water into the carpet fibers. A wand connected to a high-powered suction system then removes the hot water, cleaning solution, and soil.

Rotary Bonnet System

With this system, we apply a pre-treatment detergent to the carpet in order to break down and loosen the soil. A machine with a rotary brush and a moistened cotton or rayon pad then agitates the carpet and absorbs the soil. These bonnets are then replaced as they become soiled.
This method leaves some detergent residue in the fibers. However, the detergent is specially designed to crystallize and bond with soils as it dries. Once they are fully dry, we vacuum the crystallized residue and attached soils.

Hard Floor Care Maintenance Programs

Especially after a severe winter, it's necessary to restore the appearance of tile floors. We have restored floors for manufacturing plants located in Collegeville and Malvern, and we are maintaining office floors in King of Prussia, Norristown, Hatfield, and Conshohocken. Our services include:
• Strip & Wax—We remove all wax from your floor and apply new wax. This restores that old dull finish from your floor and puts some shine back!
• Floor Buffing—This is used as a part of a regular maintenance program to maintain the shine of your hard floor.
• Spray Buffing—We use this to remove a light layer of top coat wax finish before we apply a new finish.
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